Grasshopper’s Terms and Conditions

Prohibited Items

The following items cannot be placed in skips without prior arrangements and will incur extra costs. If a bin is required to be reloaded and returned to the client a standard reload fee of $250+GST will be charged.

Additional transport and disposal fees may be incurred.

Food Waste at $380+GST per tonne or part thereof or if any load is partially rejected then $50+GST per cubic metre or part thereof. Other items P.O.A.

  • Asbestos and fibro
  • Polystyrene
  • Chemicals and other liquids including paints and oils
  • Tyres (Car and Truck), and rubber
  • Carpet, and mattresses
  • Batteries
  • Food waste
  • Large Stumps
  • Noxious weeds and any other contaminated waste
  • Hazardous or Toxic waste
  • Medical/Hygeine waste

Services are available for the removal of the items above, please contact us for a quote.

Asbestos Bins

Asbestos bins are available in all sizes. Asbestos MUST be wet & wrapped in plastic and meet local government and WHS requirements. Minimum tip charge is 1 tonne. Please call for quote;

Site Bins & Equipment

All fork/crane site bins will be charged a rental fee of $50+GST per week unless other arrangement has been agreed on.

Damage to bins including broken wheels and castors may incur additional costs.

A standard restocking fee of $265+GST per item applies for all site bins and equipment, for damage repairs, castor wheel replacements, cleaning, Engineer inspection and certification;

If bins require structural repairs and/or engineers certification additional costs may be charged.

Other Equipment

Manual and electric bin lifters are available for tipping wheelie bins and 4 wheel plastic bins into larger skips.

Forklift attachments for lifting and tipping wheelie bins and 4 wheel plastic bins are also available.

Office bins for your office general waste and comingled/paper & cardboard are available.

Concrete pumpout/slurry bins with crane certification an fork pockets are also available.

Please contact us for a quote on purchase or rental.

Plastic Wheeled Bins

240 litre wheelie bins, 660 and 1100 litre 4 wheel plastic bins are available for purchase or rental;

Overweight/Overload Surcharge

Skips exceeding the maximum allowed tonnage will incur a surcharge of $150+GST per tonne or part thereof;

Skips loaded above the maximum allowed cubic metre capacity will incur a pro rata surcharge for the overload.

Waste to energy overweight surcharge $240 per tonne

Skip Tarps

Tarps are available for purchase on request;

Skip Damage

Skip damage from misuse or abuse on-site will incur additional charges for full cost of repair.

Waiting time

Wait to load allowance is twenty (20) minutes maximum. Additional waiting time will be charged at $150+GST per hour.

Special Access

For customers requiring special access vehicles for site access, such as crane trucks for delivery or pickups an additional fee will be charged. Standard rate is $120 per bin.

Food/Office Waste /Recycling Bins

These are available in a range of sizes and serviced by our own trucks. POA.


Loading of skips should conform to all relevant industry safety standards.

Grasshopper drivers have the right to refuse to transport a skip they consider unsafe, overloaded, not able to be safely restrained or not conforming to relevant WHS, RMS standards and relevant legislation;

Waste Data Reports

We offer a range of reporting depending on project requirements including Green Star, LEED, ISCA and NGERS.  Contact us for further information or sample reports.

Futile Service/Dry Run;

Inability to collect a skip or bin due to overloading, blocked access or late cancellation will result in a transport fee being charged.

Hours of Operation

Services are provided to suit your requirements and we offer a full 6 day service. The Allocations Team can be contacted on 1300 147 277 or

The Allocations office is open Monday to Friday from 6.30am – 5.30pm and Saturday from 7.00am – 12.00pm.

Delivery Notes (All Care, No Responsibility):

Permits for bins to stand on public places and thoroughfares may need to be obtained from local authorities;

Grasshopper is not responsible for any damage or loss arising from/caused by, or contributed by the placement, removal, loading or weight of any bin or truck.

Placement of any bin or equipment provided by Grasshopper is at the risk of the customer.


Pricing rates exclude GST and are subject to change with any rise in the Consumer Price Index each June and December and by any increase in tipping charges, drop in the value of recyclable materials, or by any variations in government levies and regulations.

Extra charges may apply to demolition/excavation material, special wastes, transport of site equipment and/or overweight material.

Further Notes

Bins remaining on site for more than 21 days will incur a rental charge;

A 2% monthly interest will be payable on overdue accounts. Requests for credit will not be accepted if received after 30 days from date of invoice.

Further conditions may apply as per other documents provided by Grasshopper;

Services provided by Grasshoppr are invoiced as a payment claim made under The Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act NSW 1999.

Grasshopper Additional Charges

Bin Lifter (Rental per week) (min 12 weeks)Ex GST
Bin Lifter, Electric, 660L/1100L$400
Bin Lifter Forkable 1100L$195
Bin Lifter Forkable 660L$195
Bin Lifter Manual 240L$195
Asbestos Surcharge per tonne (Minimum 1 tonne)
Hydrocarbon Cables$485
Recyclable Scrap Metal
Transport Fee$525
Rebate per tonne (subject to market rate variations)$50
After hours call out fee (Sunday, Public Holidays, After 6pm)$400.00
Contaminated Waste Surcharge$465.00
Dry Run$250.00
Excess weight Charges per kg over 100kg per m3$0.38
Overloading of Waste Bin per m3$60.00
Overloading of P&C Bin per m3$20.00
Overloading of Recycle Bin per m3$60.00
Food Waste Surcharge per cm3$50.00
Food Waste Surcharge per kg$0.38
Hiab Truck$250.00
Reload Fee$250.00
Safe Work Load (SWL) Testing, Make Good & Engineer Re-certification$265.00
Relocation of bins$250.00
Repairs to skip per hour$150.00
Delivery/Pick up of Ancillary Bins$150.00
Waiting Time (Wait to Load) per hour$150.00
Batteries each$25
Mattresses each$65
Tyres each$65
Carpet & Synthetic Grass Surcharge per tonne$400
Food Waste in Skips per tonne$380
Food Waste in Skips per m3$50
Reload Fee$250
Waste Data Reporting Level 1, 2, 3 (Monthly Reports)$160
Custom Waste Data Reports/Greenstar/NGER/ISCA (Monthly Reports)P.O.A

Revision Date: 16 November 2018